My Lettering Process

My Lettering Process

Most of the time I have these moments when I don’t feel confident of my designs. I love them when I thought I had finished it, but when I put them online, I started to have these feelings that they’re not good enough. Especially when I compare myself to others that have the same style or so.

I won’t be as good enough as them.

So I must keep reminding myself, that I am very very very new and without any design education background or whatever. So every step that I did is a lesson in this lettering journey. Those people that I look up to, most likely they have been doing this for longer than I am, they have the education that is needed for it, and so on, and so on.

I have to believe that I’m gonna be in that state of excellent too in a few months or maybe years, but then of course they will also getting better too! And if I keep on comparing myself then I would never feel enough, while in fact I AM enough in my current situation right now.

I love the way Stefan Kunz (a lettering celebrity) says it: “Create something today even if it sucks!” Even tho I’m gonna regret the things I put online that I later don’t satisfy with, I must keep reminding myself, that eventually it will be worth it to see how I have grown as an artist.

(remember this, brain)

(remember this, brain)

(remember this, brain)

Although some people might think that education doesn’t matter, the real world actually didn’t say that. Haha. Most of the design job I look for, still requiring people with the education. And I’m not naive. Doing freelance and having my own small business right now is not enough to support my life yet. So what I do now? Keep looking for the unordinary opportunity while starting to get some online course in design field. Coursera and YouTube will be a perfect fit for me as of now. Skillshare is awesome, but I’m too poor for it. :p

And if you haven’t known already (because I never mentioned it here :p), I’m making my lettering a thing since November last year.

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