Hej Då 2013, Välkommen 2014!

Hej Då 2013, Välkommen 2014!

Yang artinya:

Dadah 2013, Selamat Dataaaang 2014! 😛

Halooo Sodara-Sodariiii!!

2013 is such a big year to me! Tahun dimana gue dengan nekatnya melakukan hal-hal yang sudah diharapkan dan dapat diduga.. *halah*

Apa aja ituuuuu???

  1. Di awal 2013, gue….. akhirnyaaa… beneraaan… buka jilbab!! Yang gue udah make sejak tahun 2002 akhir. Jadi selama 10 tahun gue jadi anak alim, sekarang udah gak alim lagi. Bhahahahak! But yeah, no, I will not change my religion, I do believe in God and I know He will always take care of me.. Amiiiiin! *no other comment on this!* 😛
  2. Taking like a last vacation until I-don’t-know-when-the-next-time-will-be, with my two bffs, to Thailand (though without any beach, maybe next time to the beaches, girls!)
  3. I quit my job!! And I AM GREATLY happy for that!! I’m sorry if my former colleagues read this statement, but this is the truth! 😆 I’d rather give up my salary than give up my happy life! 😛
  4. I’ve been accepted to study abroad, and even though I have to pay like “I have to work in Europe for like 5 years to be able to return the loan i took from my parent’s savings for this”, I took it anyway, and set my feet for the first time in Europe!! My dream land!! I love you, Mom and Dad-in-Heaven!

As for pursuing my dream to come to Europe, these are the things I’ve been missing on 2013:

  1. Wakatobi vacation. Not enough money to go there (to prepare for Europe), while my two bffs like having one of their best vacations of the year over there. And their pictures are still making me drooling all the time and regret my-fear-of-trying-to-snorkel-and-diving-stuff. And now I’m in Sweden and live right next to the sea which will make me freeze if I tried to get into the water! 😆
  2. I missed my Dad’s funeral. Yeah.. Sad.. I know.. Thank you for your condolences.. *pukpuk pembaca*
  3. I couldn’t be a bridesmaid on one of my bff’s wedding day that I’ve been planning like in a very long time to think of what ‘kebaya’ style I would wear and I couldn’t even get the clothing material!! But thanks to Skype and my-other-bff’s-boyfriend for the rescue, I could join the ceremony, though in a very bad connection. D*mn you, Indonesia’s telecomm company!!

And what I will miss in 2014, as far as I know:

  1. My other bff’s engagement and wedding day. *Sh*t! I believe Raisa’s going to be there! I want to meet and sing with her!*
  2. My first nephew’s birth. *Cr*p!*
  3. My sister’s graduation day. Oh well, she’s taking too long anyway…. 😆

And these are what I’m going to do on 2014 (as far as I planned):

  1. Going to Northern Sweden to hunt for the Northern light (in 20 days from now, yay!).
  2. Going to Stockholm!!
  3. Going to Helsingborg and Gothenburg on Spring! *ada yang mau ikut?* 😛
  4. Moving to Germany (hopefully, if I didn’t fail my study here) 😆
  5. Spending next New Year’s eve in front of Eiffel Tower!

Despite of what I’ve been through on 2013, and even though there might be more things I would miss in 2014 related to my family and friends in Indonesia, and because I’m going THIRTY this year that would make me pay more on insurance and living cost in Germany because I will not be youth anymore, but come oooon!!

3 and 0!


It’s a biiiiiig thiiiing!! Though I probably would spend the birthday alone while I travel around Europe (*yahaa! Lame and pathetic me! So ironic!*), but I couldn’t wait to experience and try more new things, that I believe will come eventually! No special wish for 2014!

And then people will ask: “really, no wish? like as simple as ‘be a better me’?”

First, my thought will be, it’s not easy to become a better you, if you’re not going to change your way of life. And even if you took that leap and change your life, you probably might not become better, but worse person. Yeah.. I know.. A very demotivation statement coming out from me. But I’m not a motivator anyway, so if you are listening to me, you are dumb! So, “be a better me” is not a simple-wish to wish for!

And the second, why need a better you when you are perfectly happy of what you are right now. And that’s how I feel! I’m happy to be me right now because I’m having the best times of my life! Well, not everyday.. You know.. Suck times would also be there.. But yeah, you wouldn’t know what good times feel like if you haven’t experience the bad times, aren’t you? Nuff said!

So yeah, no special wish, because I’m now already living the life that I wish for my whole life! Living and studying abroad!

But.. yeah.. If you really really really want me to make a wish.. Well, I wish for.. mmm.. fffhh… errrr…

See, I really can’t think of anything!

Anyway, at this time of the year, precisely this day, I would usually having a barbeque thing with the whole family to celebrate Dad’s birthday. Though we didn’t do it last year, and a year before that we spent it in the hospital, and this year I’ll probably eventually inevitably spend the night alone (*yahaaaa! Still lame and pathetic me!*), but yeah..

Happy Birthday, Dad!

We miss you. We love you. Rest in peace in Heaven. 🙂

Then there come wishes…

For my Mom to keep healthy and strong, for my preggie Sister and my in-law to keep healthy also and to have a handsome cute healthy baby soon, to my other Sister to be able to graduate with a good grades and have a dream job, for my brother to keep healthy and be a better man (I know it’s hard, but Mom needs you.. yeah.. it’s really hard, Bro.. *pukpuk*), for my youngest sister to survive her teenage life 😆 , for my bffs to have a great life with their new family, and for you, my readers, to be able to have what you are wishing for!

Selamat Tahun Baruuu!!

Happy New Year!!

Gott Nytt År!


12 thoughts on “Hej Då 2013, Välkommen 2014!

  1. You are not pathetic, you are in Europe! Living your dream and that awesome.. Happy New Year 2014, Epi. Hope you have a great year ahead! Btw, I want magnet souvenir please hahahaha..

  2. Eyaampiuuuuun… kita cuma beda setahun? 😱😱 ga relaaaa.. dirimu keliatan jauh lbh muda gituuuh..

    Btw.. ditunggu kedatangannya ke Helsingborg.. ^___^

  3. Postingan ini diawali dengan bahasa Indonesia, lalu beralih ke English (mm… actually it already happened around the beginning of the post) and it ends totally in English! (except for the wishes)

    Oh yeah, the title has Sweden in it.

    Whether you notice or not, it’s just sooo… Aftri 😉

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