Ayutthaya in a Day

Ayutthaya in a Day


O this very late posting is killing me. Lately I wanted to tell you about the details on my travel to Thailand last March. But I only took notes on my expenses, not the places I’ve been. So I will tell you later only the expenses for this one day trip and the general things about Ayutthaya. Nena, Carrie and I, was about to try one of some tour provider that has a round trip from Bangkok-Ayutthaya and a bicycle tour in Ayutthaya. But then we decide to change the plan, and doing the “Do-It-Yourself” tour instead.

So, we’re leaving our hotel on 6.00 am to Hua Lampong Railway Station. We wanted to catch the 7.00 am train to Bang Pa In station. We had to take BTS and MRT to get there, but all is connected, so it wasn’t a problem. We bought our ticket for 20 baht each (6600 rupiahs / $0.6), very cheap, for a 1.5 hours trip. After arriving to Bang-Pa-In railway station, we made our way to Bang-Pa-In Summer Palace by walk, for about 2 km far. The ticket to enter Bang-Pa-In Palace is 100 baht (33000 rupiahs / $3.3).





After an hour or so walking around the palace, the weather was getting much hotter (I was getting a headache), we decided to move to another places and tried our bargaining skill to a tuk tuk driver we met in front of the gates, who doesn’t speak english, to take us around Ayutthaya. We agreed to pay the driver 500 baht (165000 rupiahs / $16.5) for 4 hours trip around Ayutthaya. Very cheap!


We went to 3 Wats (as I can remember), Wat Phranan Cheong, Wat Mahathat, and I can’t remember the last one (screw me).  We spent 20-50 baht for the entrance ticket. We hopped one place to another, until we starved and the driver took us to a nearby restaurant where I spent 170 baht (56000 rupiahs / $5.6) for a pineapple fried rice (lol). With a happy tummy (and my headache was getting worst), we asked our tuk tuk driver, in a very hard way, because he can’t speak english, to take us to the floating market.




I was hoping the market would be like the one in Bangkok (where we didn’t go, sigh) where people sell things on boat, but then we found out that it was a market that build on top of a river (or lake?) so they call it floating market (lol). We didn’t spend to much time there, then we headed to Ayutthaya Railway Station for a 1 pm train back to Bangkok, another 20 baht.


Oh, you might want to know, if the tuk tuk driver can’t speak english, how did we communicate when we’re traveling around Ayutthaya? Well, he have this kind of a big brochure contains pictures of the Wats. So he/we pointed to the picture, of where we wanted/should go. Clever, right? The floating market wasn’t in the brochure, that is why it was so hard to explain to him that we wanted to go there 😆



8 thoughts on “Ayutthaya in a Day

    1. Hi Camille!

      I’m really sorry, I couldn’t remember if the train operates every hour. But you can find out through this site: http://www.railway.co.th/home/Default.asp?lenguage=Eng

      But I can inform you, if you want to do a one day trip, you can take the first train that depart on 7 am from Hua Lamphong, then you can alight at Bang Pa In Station. You can spend 1-2 hours, then take a tuktuk to Ayutthaya and go around for few hours. And then take the 4 pm train from Ayutthaya Station to get back to Bangkok.

      I hope this information helps you 🙂

    1. Haloo ^^

      Kemarin sih aku langsung aja datang langsung ke stasiunnya. Karena pas juga hari kerja dan pakai kereta paling pagi, jadi masih sepi.
      Aku kurang tau apa bisa pesan online atau nggak.

      Maaf ya kalau jawabannya kurang membantu 🙂

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