The Answer

The Answer

I don’t know if it’s good thing or bad, but I often forget bad things.. or maybe it is just some kind of short-memory problem.. but I can remember many good things since I was kid though, so it must be some kind of ability.. πŸ˜†

What kind of bad things.. hmm.. the kind that related to how bad I feel about that.. πŸ˜› like broken heart, like crying when I was kid just because I couldn’t finish the dinner my friends’ mom cooked (they told me about this, i don’t even remember it), and so many things.. I guess.. (see? i can’t remember..)

mm.. but let’s talk about the broken heart matter.. πŸ˜† my heart broke a lot! and those people who did it, sometimes run in my head, but they are now just a flash of memory. They broke my heart, it’s a bad thing, so they deserve to be forgotten, don’t they?

But you.. You who must not be named *wink*..

You never broke my heart.. I will not allow you to do that.. That’s why we have nothing.. So that I wouldn’t have bad memories of you, because I don’t want to forget you..

And this is the answer for a question: “Why didn’t you tell him?” πŸ™‚


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